ARTE France

ARTE France is a European-centered coproducer and publisher, focusing on creation and innovation.

30 Birds

30 Birds is a narrative puzzle game in which you explore rotating lanterns inspired by Persian art. 



beyondthosehills are the creators of Albert Wilde: Quantum P.I., the puzzle reky and, The MinimsAlbert Wilde: Quantum P.I. 

Albert Wilde: Quantum P.I., 

a comedy cat-detective noir game set in a fictional New York in the 30’s


2Awesome Studio

Used to make things fly into space, now we make awesome games & partner with awesome indies!

Altered Alma

A stunning Metroidvania adventure with RPG and romance elements set in the streets of Neo-Barcelona.

United States

Wild Rooster

We mix a nostalgic arcade with adrenaline-packed gameplay. Like a warm hug punching you in the face

Astro Duel 2

A sci-fi combat game combining top-down space dog fights with up-close platforming action. 


Limiar Studios

We specialize in creating new games with a south american view.

BlackThorne Keep

Blackthorne Keep its an action RPG game that creates the south american medieval fantasy.


Bonte Avond

Two musicians who make bizarre, funny and heartfelt games.

Bonnie Bear

Bonnie tries to save a frog obsessed world, find self-worth, and meet friends on an RPG adventure! 

United States

Whitethorn Games

We’re an indie publisher focusing on inclusive, accessible, easy-going games that anyone can play.

Botany Manor

Explore an English manor & solve puzzles to create the ideal habitat to make forgotten flora bloom. 


Dynamic Media Triad

DMT creates quality games that explore the different boundaries of gameplay and aesthetics.

Broken Reality 2000

Broken Reality 2000 is a single player adventure game set in an ethereal metaverse called NATEM.


4HA Games Studio SpA

Indie devs: cinema, illustration, software, design—crafting captivating experiences


Bruma: 2D stealth platformer. Luna explores, evades enemies, uncovers memories of her friend Edubina 

United Kingdom / Netherlands

Wired Productions

Wired Productions is developing a legacy built on creativity, integrity and hard work

Bulwark: Falconeer Chronicles

Bulwark: Falconeer Chronicles is a new city-building game set in the oceanic world The Great Ursee.

United States

Subliminal Gaming 

Subliminal is an indigenous owned indie studio based in New Mexico that makes cozy games.

Button City Soccer Days

Rejoin the wholesome cast of Button City as they compete in this cozy soccer adventure!



Abylight is an spanish indie developer responsible for One Military Camp and Citadelum


Citadelum is a City building/ Strategy game set in Ancient Rome with a mythological twist.

Ireland {Republic}


SuperBiasedGary is an independent developer making visual novels that play with text.


A queer romance/horror visual novel about being locked in and having ____ words hidden from You.


Celine Veltman

Game Direction, Designer & Art


a wholesome digital-playground/sandbox game about solar systems and the wonders of the universe


CGL – Reynard FilmsCGL

Germany’s best Game Studies institution. 

Dans Drauganna (VR Dance Game)

Dans Drauganna is a VR narrative dance game that recently secured 100K euros in funding from FFF.

United States

Tethys Games

LGBTQ+ fantasy fanatics. We make worlds: vast and vivid. Won’t you come taste the glitter?

Fine Work

Charm 7 otherworldly clients with your artisan prowess in this fantasy visual novel X rhythm game

United States


Glossbird Games creates video games that make us better


A cozy fitness mobile game for bite-size workout breaks through collecting and decorating. 


Momento Games

A Swiss indie studio, founded by two brothers, is creating the best multiplayer physics game IP.

Flying Toyz

Competitive game where toys with powers fight to score goals. Heavily focused on gamer socialization


Prideful Sloth

Micro-AAA studio with a focus on detailed worldbuilding and player-driven narrative experiences.

Go-Go Town!

Plan, Build…Prosper? As mayor, it’s up to you to breathe life back into this rundown town.


Blindflug Studios

Blindflug Studios is a Swiss game studio with one mission: making fun games about real-world topics.

Ground of Aces

Ground of Aces is a World War II base building game that lets you manage your own military air base.

Costa Rica

Sunna Entertainment

Game Development Studio Based in Costa Rica

Gunny Ascension

Gunny Ascend is Roguelite Puzzle Platformer that turns the Tetris logic on its head!



Computechnosoft is a small indie studio interested in conversations as a game mechanic.

Hello, Cave Monster

In Hello, Cave Monster you must convince cave creatures to let you live, then ride a cool Drillship.

United States


A team of artists & game devs looking to continuously brings surprises & joy through our games~

Home of the Yokai

A creature collecting Eastern fantasy RPG featuring an expansive world and auto combat system!


City From Naught Inc.

An indie game studio from Toronto that are passionate about games and AI tools.

Keyword2:  Nightfall

A captivating open-world detective RPG that places a strong emphasis on intricate world-building.


Whimsical Wolff Games

A one-woman indie studio with a focus on cozy games. Based in Zurich, Switzerland.

Kohlrabi Starship

A farming game on a greenhouse spaceship: travel the stars, revive ecosystems, and fall in love.

United States

Whitethorn Games

We’re an indie publisher focusing on inclusive, accessible, easy-going games that anyone can play.

Magical Delicacy

A Metroidvania-inspired wholesome cooking game — explore, collect ingredients, & cook tasty treats!  


Behold Studios

Behold Studios is an award-winning studio mostly known for Knights of Pen & Paper and Chroma Squad

Mahou Senshi Cosplay Club

Turn-based RPG about a cosplayer that gets magical powers from her costumes 

United States

Jacob Hermann-Traxler

Indie game developer working with small team on a cozy traveling merchant game – Merchant Isle

Merchant Isle

You’ve moved to the island. Explore, trade, and negotiate to rebuild the island’s merchant guild!

United States

Retora Games LLC

Game development studio with a focus on simulation and systemic gameplay

Merchant: Guilds

A multiplayer sequel to Merchant. Work with your guild to upgrade the town, defeat monsters & more! 



Chibig started in 2017 making relaxing adventures settled in fantastical worlds full of wonder. 

Mika and the Witch’s Mountain

Mika and the Witch’s Mountain is a fantasy adventure about an aspiring witch who delivers packages.


Mac n Cheese Games

A remote European-based tiny studio, with a mix of fresh gamedev and vets, striking out on our own.


A 3D action roguelike where you devour the unbelievers to evolve a monster that saves heavy metal.

United States

Whitethorn Games

We’re an indie publisher focusing on inclusive, accessible, easy-going games that anyone can play.

Mythwrecked: Ambrosia Island

Explore a dynamic island to meet the forgotten Greek gods, build friendships, & unravel its mystery.

United Kingdom

Glowfrog Games

We’re a team of industry veterans making heartfelt games for a diverse audience.

Pieced Together

A cozy scrapbooking puzzle game telling a heartwarming story of female friendship. 


Winterwire Games

A West Australian studio formed by local game dev graduates looking to expand a small local industry

Power Sink

An underwater puzzle platformer focused on restarting power stations and repairing a decaying world

United States

Rainbow Unicorn Games, PBC

Building games led by a team of diverse creators making worlds for a diverse audience.

Romancing Jan

A romantic dress up RPG for everyone

Still in development (ETA Feb 2024)


Extra Nice

Ewoud and Nils (from Extra Nice) are the 2 developers on SCHiM. They are from the Netherlands.


SCHiM is a game about jumping from shadow to shadow in a challenging and lively environment.



Trotzkind is an immersive studio from Berlin.Selina – A narrative VR Adventure. 


Selina is a VR adventure which lets players travel the mind of an imaginative little girl.

United States

Whitethorn Games

We’re an indie publisher focusing on inclusive, accessible, easy-going games that anyone can play.

Slime Heroes

Play with friends as cute slimes, find weapons & create your own magical abilities to save the world


Chimera Entertainment GmbH

We are an autonomous game development studio established in 2006 located in Munich, Germany.

Songs of Silence

Songs of Silence is a strategy game set in a fantasy world threatened by the all-devouring Silence.



StudioBando creates unique interactive storytelling games, aiming to captivate and inspire players.


When Miho steps in the pantry to get a potato for Nana’s soup, he enters a world of magical realism.

Korea South

Sentience Game Studio

Sentience Game Studio is a team of veteran video game developers from diverse backgrounds.

South Pole Bebop 

South Pole Bebop is a turn-based strategy PvPvE game with a chess-like element played on a 9×9 grid.

United States

Ánimo Games Studio

We make lovable puzzle adventures and aim to broaden the appeal of thinky video games.

Star Stuff

Star Stuff is a cosmic puzzle adventure that blends automation and strategic action.

United States

White Leaf

White Leaf is a 2-person Austin studio creating artful and novel gameplay experiences.

Stellar Watch

Stellar Watch: Roguelike tower defense where you spin to win against dynamic enemy routes in space.


Celery Emblem™ by Jacob Jazz

Celery Emblem Creator of Baobabs Mausoleum (Nintendo Switch, Steam, Playstation & Xbox), 

Tamarindos Freaking Dinner™

A 90´s horror sitcom! deliver a pizza… but be careful, dinner is not the pizza..its YOU!


Thermite Games

Thermite Games is an indie publisher that consists of passionate gamers and industry professionals.


A farming and life-sim with a fantasy setting that steeped into oriental culture.

United States

The Beauty Cult

The Beauty Cult is a 3-person indie co-op that previously released Black Future ’88.

The Beauty Cult’s NECTARMANCER

NECTARMANCER is a gardenvania that combines combat platforming with science-fantasy gardening.


Tidbits Play

Tidbits Play is a dutch women-led game studio founded by a former Wholesome Games Organiser

Tracks of Thought

Play as a lost ladybug and learn to deal with conflict through card battles on a mysterious train


Bin Chicken Studios

Melbourne based indie with a passion for creating meaningful games that inspire positive change.


A co-op adventure crafting game where you restore balance to a trashy world.


Twisted BrainZ

Twisted BrainZ is a swiss independant game studio, bringing up new games since 2019.

Turtles: Save’em all!

Take control of ‘Bonnie’ to rescue baby turtles who stack around you for a journey to the sea!


Aurora Punks

Aurora Punks: Industry disruptor, co-dev partner, and surprise indie game releaser.

Vessels of Decay

Vessels of Decay is a retro-inspired action-adventure set in post-apocalyptic Scandinavia.


Kipwak Studio (EDAZOT)

Kipwak Studio combines passion & tech to build unique & immersive experiences like “Wizdom Academy”

Wizdom Academy

Dive in “Wizdom Academy: Build, Manage, Thrive!” Lead & Manage your wizard school in this 3D builder

United Kingdom

Morgan Studio

London based developer of family friendly cozy games, led by Harvey Hayman and Holly Hudson.

Morgan: Metal Detective

A cozy, first person metal detector adventure, where you reunited Cornish residents with lost items.

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