Info for CourageCologne Showcasers

  • Who is coming?
  • Info about the venue
  • The Floor Plan
  • The Program
  • What to bring
  • Drink Tickets
  • How to invite your network

Who’s coming?

Everyone with a ticket can come in.

  • At 19:00 the VIP hour (19:00-20:00) starts. Typically, visitors represent platforms, investors, press and publishers.
  • At 20:00 the doors open for 20h tickets. These are primarily peers from the industry.
  • At 21:00 the doors open for everyone else. Due to safety reasons we can not allow everyone access. Full is Full.

Info about the venue

Lost Levels is an e-sports cafe in Cologne. This means, you are equiped with a screen, without the need to bring one!

The address is: 
Lost Levels
Kyffhäuserstraße 39
Köln, 50674 Germany

The Floor Plan

Bookmark this page or take the floor plan digitally with you to the venue. We won’t distribute the floor plan on site.

The Program

  • 18:00 Build up the venue. You can bring two showcasers per place. 
  • 19:00 VIP hour.
  • 20:00 20h tickets entree.
  • 21:00 Other ticket entry
  • 23:00 End of Show
  • 00:00 All gone

What to bring

What you get

  • A dedicated booth with a screen.
  • 1 power socket per booth.
  • 50 euro worth on Drink tickets 

Make sure to bring your own gear!

  • Extension cables (min 6meter)
  • Additional power blocks.
  • Headphones.
  • Black tape to fix loose wires
  • Business cards / flyers of the game
  • A banner (max 1.20m x 2.00m)

Don’t bring!

  • Additional screens.
  • A projector.
  • More than 1 banner.

Drink Tickets

Drink tickets are distributed on site. The rule is: play a game and get a beer. One drink ticket gives visitors a beer (imported / domestic), a soda, or a wine.

Share your experience

We will share pictures and of course we’d love to see your experiences at Courage Cologne! Use the hashtag #couragecologne and:

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