Want to learn more about Courage XL’s 2023 showcasers? Check them out below!

Botany Manor | Balloon Studios | Whitethorn Games
Botany Manor is an exploration-puzzle game where you play as a retired botanist called Arabella Greene.
Mythwrecked: Ambrosia Island | Polygon Treehouse | Whitethorn Games
Shipwrecked on a mythical island, befriend lost Greek gods, solve the mystery, and find a way home.
Drag Her! | Fighting Chance
Drag Her! is a high-drama, effusively camp fighting game that is real stupid.
Botany Manor | Balloon Studios
Unearth the mysteries of Arabella’s forgotten flora.
Don Salmon | Amano
A 2D action game that makes you feel like a powerful acrobatic ninja-bird. get Birb back home.
Pocket Quest | Firi Games
Pocket Quest is an autobattler where 8 players gather unique heroes & monsters to battle for victory
Unknown Number: A First Person Talker | Godolphin Games
An innovative voice-controlled adventure game, played through a series of interactive ‘phone calls’
Cortex Machina
Cortex Machina is a tech start-up developing Plug-and-Play Brain-to-Computer Interface (BCI).
Peglin | Red Nexus Games
Peglin is a Pachinko Roguelike where no two runs are the same!
Verses of Enchantment | Nachtvlam
Verses of Enchantment is a magical card game where you duel wizards using AI generated poetry.
Rocket Bot Royale | Winterpixel Games
A frantic online Tank Battle Royale, set on destructible, sinking islands!
Judgement | Wild Bishop
Judgement is a 3v3 cyberpunk Ball sport where you can score with the ball or by killing your enemy.
Wëiph: Reins of Fate | GamePlan Studio
Wëiph: Reins of Fate is a Puzzle Platformer about the ability to move forward despite the odds
Playroom | SmartGames
Playroom by SmartGames is a fun and educational online platform for teachers, parents and kids.
The Guardian of Nature | Inlusio Interactive
On a magical journey, botanist Henry uses his ability to change in size to put nature back in order.
HeXenagos | Day and Night Solutions
Assemble an army of Legendary Units based on Greek mythology in this 2 player strategy game.
Vessels of Decay | Aurora Punks / Neon Artery
Vessels of Decay is a singleplayer action adventure game set in a post apocalyptic scandinavia
Circle of Kerzoven | Team Kerzoven
A charming settlement-building strategy game paired with a rich simulation experience.
Ultimate Godspeed | Ninoko
Ultimate Godspeed is a party racing game. Place items on the track and bring chaos to the race!
The Wandering Village | Stray Fawn Studio
The Wandering Village is a city-building simulation game on the back of a giant wandering creature.
Seven Dwarfs: Legends Untold | Surprised Turtle Studios
A co-op roguelike, where players fight a series of bosses to save Snow White from the evil queen.
Mind Diver | Indoor Sunglasses
Mind Diver is a game about finding a woman’s missing boyfriend by diving into her memories.
Pool Party | Lakeview Games
Rediscover the satisfying physics of pool in this fast-paced chaotic physics-based party game!
Big Boy Boxing | Soupsmasters
Big Boy Boxing is the action, slapstick, boss-rush game where every fight comes with a punchline.
Turtles! | Twisted BrainZ
Turtles! is an action-puzzle game, where you help Bonnie and the baby turtles to get to the sea.
Munch | Mac n Cheese Games
A Dark Fantasy 3D Rogue-lite with a Unique Evolution Mechanic. Fight, feed, mutate, repeat.
The Guy VR | Chubby Pixel
A first person puzzle game like no other where you’ll have to find the way out of your own dreams.
NEOLITHIC is narrative VR adventure with alternative endings and survival/crafting elements.
GAZZLERS | Banzai Studios
GAZZLERS is an insane, rogue-lite inspired, VR shooter full of diesel-fueled chaos!
Grimfield Mystery | Ogre Pixel
Mysterious Point-and-Click Action Adventure!
Toy Tactics | Kraken Empire
A physics-based RTS game in which to command your troops by drawing formations on the battlefield!
Demon Spore | DinoBoss
Blast through tentacle hell as a failed lab experiment gives birth to a rapidly growing viral horror.
Sanatorium | Zeitglas
Set in the 1920s, Sanatorium is a workplace adventure where you test, diagnose and treat patients.
NECTARMANCER | The Beauty Cult
Play as Aisa, the newest Nectarmancer, in a gorgeous and acrobatic open-world “gardenvania”.
Paper Trail | Newfangled Games
Paper Trail is a top-down puzzle adventure about leaving home, set in a foldable, paper world.
Ball Kickers | North Town Games
Ball Kickers is a damage-free platform fighter that has players compete in a game of kick ball.
Bugaboo Pocket | Elytra Games
Bugaboo Pocket is an elevated, story-driven virtual pet game starring bugs from land, air and sea!