Hungry Sky 

Hungry Sky is an indie game development studio based in Boorloo/Perth, Western Australia.


Nekograms is an adorable puzzle game about helping cats get to sleep.


Slappy Inc. 

Slappy Inc. is a young startup consisting of 3 motivated game developers.


Maze’Em is a turn-based puzzle game in where you find your way through a maze that you can adjust.


Banzai Studios 

Banzai Studios is a Belgian game studio. They will launch their first game later this year.


GAZZLERS is an insane VR shooter full of diesel-fueled chaos!


City From Naught Inc 

City From Naught is an indie game studio based in Toronto, working on their second title Keyword2. 

Keyword2: Hotpot Detective 

A 3D, open-world detective RPG with an emphasis on creating a living, breathing intricate world. 


Czech Republic 


A solo project focusing on weird authorial games. 


Diablo, but you’re a giant battle robot. FUI graphics, terrain, and monster infighting. 

Czech Republic 

Typico Games 

Prague based studio working on announcement of our first title on VR -> Next Move. 

Next Move 

VR platformer game with cool movement mechanics, wonderlike architecture, time-control and more 


Indoor Sunglasses 

Indoor Sunglasses: deeply enriching, accessible and thought-provoking games that nurture curiosity. 

Mind Diver 

Investigate a couple’s most intimate moments and piece together the events of a fateful night.


Serious Bros. 

Serious Bros. are Martin and me, working on this climate crisis simulator for over 15 years now. 

Imagine Earth – Building Sustainable Civilizations 

Build and supply your own global civilization while avoiding global warming and climate collapse.


Active Fungus Studios GmbH 

We develop computer games as experiences that entertain as well as immerse our players deeply. 

The Ebbing – A Coastal Tale 

Solve the mysterious case of the first transatlantic telegraph operator’s death.


Farbspiel Interactive 

Farbspiel Interactive is a company with a majority LGBTQ voices that make political narrative games. 


You break into a cult estate to collect data that you can publish. You decide the public perception. 



Viron Games 

I’m a Berlin based solo developer working on my second indie game Rove – The Wanderer’s Tale 

Rove – The Wanderer’s Tale 

Rove is the unique combination of an Action RPG and a Point and Click Adventure. 





beyondthosehills: the creators of Albert Wilde: Quantum P.I.,The Minims and the puzzle reky  

Albert Wilde: Quantum P.I.  

Albert Wilde: the Quantum P.I., comedy-noir with at least one joke about cat nipples-they have six! 



Blue Duck Studios 

Located in Israel, our team comes from unique backgrounds in toy invention and game development 

Gravity League 

Multiplayer sports game in VR. The rules: 2 players, 1 ball, 0 gravity. First to 7 goals wins.


Games for Health

At Games for Health we design and develop serious play formats for lifestyle, therapy and rehab.

Unmask Lymphoma

This Citizen Sciences game let people puzzle for science to discover vaccines for Cancer!


Rusty Lake 

Creators of the praised Cube Escape series and the Rusty Lake adventures! 

Underground Blossom 

Unlock memories one metro station at a time in Rusty Lake’s latest adventure: Underground Blossom


tomas sala 

Creator of the Falconeer, BAFTA nominated Artist, passionate about games as Art. Honorable Luddite. 

Bulwark : Falconeer Chronicles 

Presented as a fantasy builder, this game actually wants players to unleash their chaotic creativity 


2Awesome Studio 

2Awesome Studio is an indie studio and publisher which mission is to add awesomeness to reality. 


AK-xolotl is the cutest and deadliest top-down roguelike shooter featuring AK-wielding Axolotls. 



Bonte Avond 

2 musicians who make bizarre, funny and heartfelt games. 

Bonnie Bear 

Bonnie Bear goes on a journey to save a frog obsessed world on this bizarre comedy RPG adventure! 




Adriaan, Sim, Yero, Gilles, and Sandy 

A bunch of nerds from The Netherlands who came together specifically to make Secret Shuffle. 

Secret Shuffle 

A music party game for 4 or more players who are all in the same room wearing headphones.


Snow Leaf Studios AS 

Snow Leaf Studios is an indie studio of six founders based in Hamar, Norway. We are developing Brew! 


Brew is a wholesome alchemy roguelite where you craft your own power-ups and abilities. 




Tristone is a development hub and an incubator, fostering the growth of young studios in Slovakia 


Preserve is a relaxing puzzle nature-building game in which you create a symbiosis to your liking. 


2Awesome Studio SL 

2Awesome Studio is an indie team specialized in high-quality game development and porting. 

Altered Alma 

Altered Alma is an eye-catching space opera metroidvania seasoned with RPG and romance elements. 

We use TikTok!



Abylight is a small indie studio from Barcelona, made from veterans of the industry and new talents. 

One Military Camp 

A humorous tycoon that let you build/ manage your camp, recruit personnel and carry out missions.


Transcenders Media 

Transcenders Media makes games and stories about our world and what it means to be human. 

Truer than You 

Find love and connection in a world where nothing is what it seems – not even you!



We are an award winning studio on a mission to make social and creative multiplayer games. 

Beer and Plunder 

Serve and fight your customers in a chaotic co-op management adventure! 

@OddikoGames + 

oddikogames + 


Unleash The Giraffe 

Unleash the Giraffe is a 2 person studio creating strategy heavy games.  

Fated Heroes 

Combine heroes to unlock powerful bonuses in this strategic auto-battler RPG.  



Oopsie Daisies Studio 

Three abnormally long friends joining forces to create innovative story games. 

Tom the postgirl 

Spooky narrative game following Tom on her deliveries which surprisingly always go wrong.


lauf lauf 

We’re a studio exploring systemic games and emergent gameplay out of Zurich.  

Castle Come 

Build your walking fortress to conquer a strange land brimming with other walking fortresses.



Stardust creates meaningful games for a diverse audience! 

Grimoire Groves 

Become a masterful witch as you grow cute plant creatures with your magic!


Twisted BrainZ 

Twisted BrainZ is a swiss independant game studio made based in Geneva, Switzerland.


GDC Best in Play awarded game where you rescue baby turtles in a Twisted Frogger like.


Twisted BrainZ


Surprised Turtle Studios 

Surprised Turtle Studios creates immersive multiplayer experiences that bring players together. 

Seven Dwarfs: Legends Untold 

A co-op roguelike, where players fight a series of bosses to save Snow White from the evil queen. 


Siro Games Sàrl 

Siro Games is a video game company that focuses on designing and developing 3D adventure games. 

Wéko The Mask Gatherer 

The game is an adventure in which you play as Wéko, a small gecko which collects masks.


Team Kerzoven 

A small indie studio from Switzerland that specializes in ecological simulation games. 

Circle of Kerzoven 

A charming settlement-building strategy game paired with a rich simulation experience.


Diditopia Games GmbH  

Diditopia Games is an indie game design studio located in Basel, Switzerland.  

Plank Builders  

Plank Builders is a wholesome construction game where stuffed toy monkeys become alive. 


United Kingdom 

Slug Disco Studios 

Slug Disco is an indie game developer based in the UK with a soft spot for nature-themed projects. 

Empires of the Undergrowth 

Command swarms of insects at an unprecedented scale of warfare in a blend of RTS and base-building. 



United Kingdom 

Yaldi Games 

Yaldi Games is a startup game developer creating cosy simulators that impart real knowledge. 

Out And About 

A cosy foraging simulator with open-world exploration, plant identification and cooking!


United Kingdom 

Huey Games 

Huey Games offers full development, co-development and Smart Porting powered by  HueyCore. 


Puzzle-platforming adventure with roll-and-ride contraptions, clockwork puzzles & steampunk-stealth.

United States 

Tmesis Studios 

Tmesis Studio is a micro game design studio based in Turin, Italy.  

Universe For Sale 

Universe For Sale is a point-and-click experience about human relationships and self-acceptance.

United States 

Poppy WOrks 

Videogame Oddjobs 

Slave Zero X 

Slave Zero X is a stylish 2.5D character action game set in the biopunk world of Slave Zero (1999). 



Award-winning indie studio behind ‘Spacelines from the Far Out’, released on Xbox Game Pass in 2022.


A hybrid 2D/3D game where a hero must figure out who’s human and who’s machine in the AI apocalypse.


Infinity Green Game Studio

Brazilian indie game studio focusing on horror games 

Dante’s Hotel

First-person survival horror game, a reinterpretation of Dante Alighieri poem “The Divine Comedy”


Split Studio

Split is an animation studio founded in 2009. We’re now expanding and bringing our vision to games.


Wizavior is a story about a grumpy wizard putting his retirement aside to help weird aliens


Luski Game Studio

We create means to amazing mamories through unique mechanics, stunning art, and thoughtful stories.


Decode and cook alien dishes while solving puzzles in group to become the universe’s best fast-food.



Rogue Snail

Rogue Snail is a Brazilian remote game studio with a diverse, skilled, and talented team.

Relic Hunters Legend

Team up and save the galaxy from a villain who stole the past in this online looter-shooter RPG. Hunters Universe 


Ilex Games

We are a Brazilian indie studio with a focus on premium deep narrative games for PC and consoles.

Tower of Samsara: Hidden Treasures

Summon the forces of the Sun to face tough enemies in this hard 2D souls-like metroidvania.


Limiar Studios

Limiar Studios is brazilian developer currently working on 

BlackThorne Keep and Cube Rage.

BlackThorne Keep is a medieval fantasy game influenced by Brazilian and south american culture.




Aiyra develops original games and work-for-hire titles. We also help smaller devs in multiple ways!

Ninja Survivors Halloween

Dash to survive and defeat hordes of ghost ninjas in this action-packed casual rogue-lite game!


Fogo Games

Fogo Games is driven by the passion for developing unique games that carry a piece of Brazil.

Ghetto Zombies

Defend the favela against zombie invasion and don’t falter in the battle for humanity’s future.


Extraordinary Games

We are an indie studio founded by a group of passionate people about geek culture.

Midnight Dreams

The Midnight Dreams is a 3D platform adventure game with psychological horror elements.


Day and Night Solutions

Day and Night Solutions is a new and innovating company providing concepts and back-end solutions


Assemble an army of Legendary Units based on Greek mythology in this 2 player strategy game


Irox Games UG (haftungsbeschränkt)

Irox Games is a small indie developer from Munich, Germany.


Extract resources and destroy islands to expand and build your fairytale metropolis.



A passionate, aspiring team crafting immersive indie games with captivating storytelling.

Pentaquin: Deeds Of Twilight

Embark on a mystic journey and save your family in an immersive world shaped by rival gods and war.


Crunching Koalas

A boutique publisher/porting studio that brings exceptional indies to players across all platforms.

Techno Banter

Amidst bright neons, filthy streets and even filthier beats, you guard the entrance to the rave.