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Courage XL 2022

After two years, we were back. The biggest Pre-GDC showcase in San Francisco! What an amazing experience to see each other again!

GameDevCafe ‚Äď Applied Games

Applied game studio‚Äôs are exploring new and exciting domains outside (and inside) traditional game industry. How do you turn ‚Äėreal procedures‚Äô in playful activities? How and when do you test, iterate and build? How do we implement games to make sure they actually work?

At the GameDevCafe, Tim Jansen and Rob Tieben will discuss these questions, moderated by Menno Deen.

GameDevCafé РDiversity & Inclusion

How can we bring more diversity to the game industry work force? Want to join in and start a discussion on this issue? Laura van Nieuwenhuijze (Chair of COC Midden Nederland) shares best practices and lessons learned of advocating for more diversity & inclusion.