GameDevCafe – Applied Games

GameDevCafe – Applied Games
Playing in new markets

Applied game studio’s are exploring new and exciting domains outside (and inside) traditional game industry. How do you turn ‘real procedures’ in playful activities? How and when do you test, iterate and build? How do we implement games to make sure they actually work?

At the GameDevCafe, Tim Jansen and Rob Tieben will discuss these questions, moderated by Menno Deen.

The talk start at 19:00. Tim en Rob will speak for half an hour. After this there is room for questions, debates and drinks.

May 4th Wednesday.

18:00 Walk In (bring some food – order a drink)
19:00 Start Discussion
19:30 Start Informal Drinks
19:50 Dodenherdenking
20:10 Drinks & Bring Your Own Game

Bring your game! And have other play it to receive some valuable peer feedback. 

Café Fokus
Koekoekstraat 25
3514CS Utrecht

Bio Tim Jansen

As kids we learn to find our way in the world through play and experimentation but we don’t allow ourselves to do so when we grow up, why is that? I believe in harnessing the power of play, experience and experimentation to learn about ourselves, others and the world around us.

My primary drive is my curiosity to explore, pursue and create new experiences. Playing and experimenting to find what works and resonates. Whether it is creating awareness or building skills towards mastery. I focus on understanding and collaborating with the target audience to make an impact and create measurable effect(s). While results are important, I think working together is a playful exercise in itself.

Bio Rob Tieben

Hi, I’m Rob. I’m curious, love playing, and want to make people a little bit happier. Luckily, that is what I can do every day.

I have a PhD in Playful Persuasion and am co-founder and director of Games for Health. We work to make 1 billion people happy and healthy using the power of play, interaction and technology. I enjoy working with experts in healthcare and happiness, in order to design and create scalable solutions that truly change a person’s life. We implement these solutions (inter)nationally with our partners in order to impact as many people as we can.

I’m also exploring the application of science: I believe that science, business and healthcare can and should propel each other forwards. I discover and validate this through international research projects.