Lead Programmer
Sytze Schalk is an award winning Dutch playwright, (social) game designer and transmedia content producer.
Game & Narrative Designer
Roy van der Schilden is a game- and narrative designer with a background in interactive theatre. With his studio, Wispfire, he aims to create immersing interactive narratives that offer new perspectives on complex social issues and phenomena. Roy has a passion for game design in which the rules reinforce narrative meaning. Thus he functions as a creative mind for Wispfire who is always searching for new ways for stories to be experienced. Wispfire released their latest interactive narrative game in 2017, a point-and-click adventure called Herald: An Interactive Period Drama.
Creative Lead
Iris Kroonstuiver is a game industry veteran with over 15 years of experience. She started as game journalist and quickly became editor in chief for Gamer.nl. But it became clear to her that she didn’t want to just write about games, she realised she wanted to work on the birth of games. From there she moved to content and brand manager at Spil Games and from there made her move to GameHouse and now leads the Story Team that creates all stories for the GameHouse Original Story Games that aim to inspire women worldwide. 
Michael Bas graduated in 1987 as an independent designer and painter at the Willem de Kooning Academy. In 1999 he started Ranj Serious Games, a design studio dedicated to the design and development of serious games. Today Ranj is one of the globally leading producers of serious games, being active in many countries. Having initialized and successfully completed over 300 serious games projects, Michaël has great experience with the use of games in health care and education. His mission is to design games that make learning more effective, efficient and fun.  Since October 2014 he is parttime employed at the Delft Univeristy of Technology as a 'visiting professor'.
Hartmut Koenitz is an Assistant Professor in Mass Media Arts at the University of Georgia. He holds a PhD in Digital Media from the Georgia Institute of Technology. His research is in interactive narrative theory and practice, combining an evolutionary approach towards interactive narrative theory with practical experimentation in the form of ASAPS, a software tool able to integrate many existing approaches in Interactive Storytelling. He is also a digital artist whose installations have been shown in Atlanta and Paris.
Assistant Professor