This is information for Showcasers on Courage XL 2020

  • Who is coming?
  • Info about the venue
  • About the Floor Plan
  • The planning of the showcase
  • What to bring
  • Drink Tickets
  • How to invite your network


Who’s coming?

Everyone with a ticket can come in. However, due to safety reasons we can not allow everyone access. Full is Full. We urge people to come early (20:00) to make sure that they are able to get in. 

During the VIP hour (19:00-20:00) we invite valuable professionals to play your games. Last years, we had big names from platforms, investors, and publishers. So make sure to make the most out of this hour!


Info about the venue

The Great Northern kindly offered us space to showcase. The Great Northern is a club in the heart of San Francisco. Pictures can be found here 

The adress is: 119 Utah St, San Francisco, CA 94103, United States


About the Floor Plan

Bookmark this page, as we will post the latest floorplan here. The floorplan on is the plan everyone should adhere to. We try to mix and match everyone at the perfect showcasing spot that fits your game or installation. 

Please print, or take the floorplan digitally with you to the venue. I can’t distribute the floorplan on site. Please note that there can be last minute changes. If you want to switch with someone, you can – but visitors will receive the current version of the floor plan.


The planning of the showcase

[17:00] Let’s grab a taco at the bus in front of the venue
[18:00] Enter the venue and set things up 
[19:00] Doors open for VIPs
[20:00] Doors open for everyone
[00:00] End of show – clean up
[01:00] All gone


What to bring

We have arranged a bar table per showcaser. This gives you enough space to setup a laptop/tablet and a banner. You could rent a screen yourself. Don Bellenger suggested to rent at

I am unsure how people managed last year, but I received an email from one of the showcasers that this rental service didn’t serve on Sundays… so it’s probably easier to bring your own stuff. 

Make sure to bring your own gear! Bring at least the following (and make sure you bring it back ;))

  • Extension cables and power blocks. You need a cable of min 6 meter to connect your table to a power socket.
  • Headphones, if music is important
  • Black tape to fix loose wires
  • Business cards / flyers of the game
  • You can put up a banner if you want (but not bigger than 1.20m x 2.00m)
  • You can bring (or rent) one big screen. Max size = 42 inch (don’t bring a projector + screen) If you bring a bigger screen, you will not be allowed to set it up.


Drink Tickets

Drink tickets will be distributed on site. 
The rule is: play a game and get a beer. 

Make sure to give drink tickets to people who played your game only. This way we make sure people come to check out your work!

One drink ticket gives visitors a Beer (imported / domestic), a soda, or a prefab Cocktail (gin/vodka/tequila – soda).


Share your experience

We will share pictures and of course we’d love to see your experiences at Courage XL! Use the hashtag #couragexl and:

  • Post on Twitter & feel free to tag our accounts: 
  • and use any other channel you know to make people aware of our event!

Together we can make the event stand out!