Narrative Design Monthly #3

Interactive Narrative Design Monthly is a BarTalk for game developers, narrative designer and everyone wants to discuss the merits of interactive narrative design.

Every month, Dr. Hartmut Koenitz will interview a narrative design expert from the field of video games. During this informal sessions, you can ask questions too! The plan is build a narrative design community where we meet every month to inspire and connect. This month we have two narrative designers that will discuss the merits of story telling in games!

This month Sytze Schalk and Niels ‘t Hooft will discuss iND.

Sytze Schalk is an award winning Dutch playwright, (social) game designer and transmedia content producer. After graduating from the ‘Writing in Performance’ school at the Utrecht School of Arts he worked as an independent creative writer on several Dutch and international productions. He has worked at the National Theatre Studios in London and the Royal Dutch Theatre.

Niels ‘t Hooft wrote a huge stack of articles, a couple of games and three novels. Right now he’s researching the digital reading experience and the possibilities of reader feedback, among other things. Niels often (and happily) works for games, as a story director, copywriter and consultant. For lack of a real job, Niels calls himself a hybrid writer.

Narrative Design Monthly is organized every last Wednesday of the Month 19:30 in Café Fokus – Utrecht NL



Sytze Schalk
Sytze Schalk is an award winning Dutch playwright, (social) game designer and transmedia content producer.
Dr. Hartmut Koenitz
Hartmut Koenitz is an Assistant Professor in Mass Media Arts at the University of Georgia. He holds a PhD in Digital Media from the Georgia Institute of Technology. His research is in interactive narrative theory and practice, combining an evolutionary approach towards interactive narrative theory with practical experimentation in the form of ASAPS, a software tool able to integrate many existing approaches in Interactive Storytelling. He is also a digital artist whose installations have been shown in Atlanta and Paris.

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19:30 Walk in and write down your question and get a drink
20:00 Semi scripted interview between Hartmut Koenitz and Michael Bas
20:30 Open for Q&A (ask your questions, start a discussion)
21:00 Informal mixer

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