Narrative Design Monthly #2

Interactive Narrative Design Monthly is a BarTalk for game developers, narrative designer and everyone wants to discuss the merits of interactive narrative design.

Every month, Dr. Hartmut Koenitz will interview a narrative design expert from the field of video games. During this informal sessions, you can ask questions too! The plan is build a narrative design community where we meet every month to inspire and connect. This month we have two narrative designers that will discuss the merits of story telling in games!

Narrative Design Monthly is organized every last Wednesday of the Month 20:00 in Café Fokus – Utrecht NL

Iris Kroonstuiver is a game industry veteran with over 15 years of experience. She started as game journalist and quickly became editor in chief for But it became clear to her that she didn’t want to just write about games, she realised she wanted to work on the birth of games. From there she moved to content and brand manager at Spil Games and from there made her move to GameHouse and now leads the Story Team that creates all stories for the GameHouse Original Story Games that aim to inspire women worldwide.

Roy van der Schilden is a game- and narrative designer with a background in interactive theatre. With his studio, Wispfire, he aims to create immersing interactive narratives that offer new perspectives on complex social issues and phenomena. Roy has a passion for game design in which the rules reinforce narrative meaning. Thus he functions as a creative mind for Wispfire who is always searching for new ways for stories to be experienced. Wispfire released their latest interactive narrative game in 2017, a point-and-click adventure called Herald: An Interactive Period Drama



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19:30 Walk in and write down your question and get a drink
20:00 Semi scripted interview between Hartmut Koenitz and Michael Bas
20:30 Open for Q&A (ask your questions, start a discussion)
21:00 Informal mixer

Yes! We wish to build a community of interactive narrative designers. Everybody is welcome!

Yes, you don't have to pay an entrance fee. However, since we are in a bar, buying a consumption is mandatory

Yes! Please do! Everyone is welcome!

The expert session / bartalk is recorded for future purposes. We will share the recording online.

If you do not wish to be recorded, please seat yourself out of the scope of the camera. Also, don't ask a question (if you don't want to be recorded) or ask someone else to ask it for you.

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