Join us every first Wednesday of the month in Café Fokus, Utrecht, The Netherlands. Bring your own game for play-testing, showcasing or a private one to one review.
  • 18 September, 2018
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Need some courage to start Gamescom?  Join us on Monday night before Gamescom! Developers from all around the world showcase their latest projects! The doors open at 20:00. The rule is easy: play a game, get a beer!  There is...
  • 4 July, 2019
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How do you include or improve the representation of socio-cultural minorities in games? During Games [4Diversity] Café, game developers mingle and share ideas about improved representation.
  • 16 January, 2019
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Every First Wednesday of the Month
  • 30 October, 2018
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This year the Swiss joined! Check the pictures here
  • 13 September, 2018
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Apply now to showcase at (show your) Courage XL on March 17th 2019 - the evening before GDC
  • 3 May, 2018
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